December 27, 2008

Happy 50th Birthday Mom!

Tonight was my mom's 50th birthday. When she got up that morning she had no idea what was in store for her day. It started out a bit rough, I went and picked her and we had to get her into a new outfit. If any of you know my mom you know she is most comfortable in jeans and a sweatshirt. She didn't know when I picked her up that she was going to dinner at Stanley and Seaforts and that she might not be to comfortable in the outfit she had on; so we were off to the Supermall.
The 1st part of her birthday surprise started out at dinner. I dropped her off at Henry's work and went sneakily over to the restaurant. She knew she was going to dinner but had no idea that me, Eric, Matt and Blake would be waiting there to surprise her. She was so thrilled that we were there to celebrate her big day with her. We had a wonderful dinner and parted ways. She thought that her and Henry were off to the movies but she couldn't have been more wrong. After dinner was over we had to find the fastest route back to Henry and my mom's house so we could be there for the big surprise.
We made it to Orting as fast as we could and made it there in perfect time. My mom had no idea what she had in store. All of her favorite people had gathered at her house to celebrate her big
5-0. She had such a great time. I am glad that we were able to pull of the surprise without her finding out. It was a great night spent celebrating with good friends. Love you mom!
Papa Henry, Grandma and Blake at dinner
Mom and Matt

Blake eating dinner at Stanley and Seaforts
Henry and Karen
Blake's new "cheesy" grin

High 5

Kennie & Wade
Karen & Betty

Don & Blake
Sharon, Karen & Pat
Great Grandma and Blake
Grandma and Blake
Eric and Matt
Mom in her new vest

December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Today was Blakes very 1st Christmas. He got more presents and even his first present from "Santa Clause." Im really excited to start all these new traditions with our little family. Spening Christmas Eve at home with family, spending Christmas Morning at home with just us and then going to my Grandma's house for the rest of the day. I love spending time with all of the family and them getting to see Blake.
Waiting for Daddy to get up so Blake can open his presents
He is all dressed up for Christmas

Daddy teaching Blake how to make the cow go moo
Santa came to visit Blake's house
Blake's present from Santa Clause

Blake's 1st cars
And the Jungle is complete
More presents for Blake at great grandma's house
My handsome boys
Blake loves him some Elmo
Mommy Daddy and Blake
Blake and Auntie Linda
I just love him
Blake and Great Grandma Sue

Christmas Eve

Blakes 1st Christmas Eve was a lot of fun. We had Eric's family, and my Mom and Henry over. Blake kind of got the concept of opening presents for a couple of mintues but mostly just liked playing with all of his new toys. His new shopping cart/walker was one of his favorites. I think it will really ger him walking soon. He also really loves the Elmo live. Everyone had a great time and they all love little Blake so much.
Blake is all ready
Grandma Karen, Blake and Grandma TammyMommy and Blake
The grandma's got handprints from Blake
Grandpa Jeff & his cologne
opening presents
Uncle Garrett and Blake in their matching Packers Gear
Blake loves his new Shopping Cart
Blake, Papa Henry, and Grandma Karen
Uncle Matt, Grandma Karen, and Blake
Blakes new "cheesy smile" its so cute!
Uncle Matt helping Blake open a present
Blake and Uncle Matt
Blake and Grandma
Walking around
Uncle Matt was afraid to let him cute!