September 24, 2008

Blakes first time Fishing

Today we went fishing at Red Iron Lake with Grandpa Norman. We didn't catch much fish and Blake slept most of the time but it was very relaxing!
Blake and Daddy getting ready to go fishing!
All ready to go out in the boat

Blake and Mommy on the boat
Eric Fishing
Grandpa Norman and his Big Bass
Baby and Daddy hands
Daddy teaching Blake how to fish
Fishing made Blake VERY sleepy

September 23, 2008

Hanging out in South Dakota

Blake is meeting lots of new people and having a great time!
Grandpa Jeff & Blake

Great Grandpa Gene giving Blake a pony ride :)

4 generations of Gunderson boys

(great grandpa Gene, Grandpa Jeff, Daddy, & Blake)

Grandma Frankie and Blake

Blake, Daddy, & Great Great Grandma Lorraine

Blake checking out his Great Great Grandma Lorraine

Blake & Daddy on the Moped

Carol & Blake
Stan, Carol & Blake
Stan, Carol, Eric & Blake

September 21, 2008

And he is off....

little man became mobile on our trip. he can really get around. mostly by rolling but he learned how to do an army type crawl today. Man when I get home I have to baby proof because he gets into EVERYTHING, but it is so cute.

Al & Tessa's Wedding 9/20/2008

Congratulations Al & Tessa
My two handsome boys
My social little guy found a new friend named Miller. They played and played and had the greatest time
Blake and Miller wrestling

Mommy Blake and Daddy all dressed up
Catessa and Eric dancingEric and his cousin Lisa
Eric and his cousin & Al
Tessa, Al, Eric & I
Lisa & I

Family Times

Blake and Daddy
Daddy, Blake and Grandma Frankie

Blake and his cousin Catessa
Blake having fun at the BBQ
Blake and his cousin River
Blake and Grandpa Jeff

September 17, 2008

Reptile Gardens & Bear Country

Today we went to Reptile Gardens, & Bear Country. We had a lot of fun. My brave little guy touched a baby alligator and a huge tortoise. I thought for sure he would be scared but he loved it. We are having a great time on our vacation. Blake is being such a good little traveler.
Reptile Gardens
Blake and Daddy checking out the Gators
My brave little baby touched a little alligater and LOVED it!!!!
The Cowboys, Blake and Daddy
Blake and the big tortoise
Blake and Mommy in the big snake
Blake in the Prarie Dog bubble

Our own family picture
Welcome to Bear Country
The Reindeer trying to get rid of its velvet
Big Bear
Us at Bear Country

September 15, 2008

Yellowstone Park and Visiting Aunt Teresa

Today we went to Mt. Rushmore, it was so amazing. We also went out and let Eric's Aunt Teresa meet Blake for the first time. We are having such a good time relaxing and seeing all the sites! I will add more pictures daily so keep a watch out.
Welcome to Mt. Rushmore
Mountain Goat at Mt. RushmoreMt. Rushmore
Mommy, Blake & Daddy
Blake, Daddy and the Presidents
Eric and the Washington State Sign

A bridge on the way to Mt. Rushmore

Blake & his Great Aunt Teresa

Blake, Aunt Teresa & Eric