October 31, 2008

Trick or Treat!

Today was Blake's 1st Halloween. We went to Janits Halloween Party and had a really good time. I was a football player, Eric was an 8o's mullet guy and Blake was the cutest monkey ever. We had such a good time and he even got to go Trick or Treating.

Grandpa Kennie, Blake and Great Grandma Sue
Blake and Mommy
Jadin, Blake and I
Eric in his 8o's man mullet wig
Blake trying to figure out what's on Daddy's head
Football player, 80's mullet guy, and cute little monkey
Brew and I, the football player and the Ref
Going Trick or Treating

Look at all of my candy
Yummy Candy

October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Carving Avenue 08'

Tonight was the 1st annual pumpkin carving for our family. I know Blake is still real little but I want to start traditions early. I carved a WHOPPING 3 pumpkins, a ghost, a Boo, and an owl, and Eric carved a bear and some stars. Blake had fun playing with the pumpkins and I am pretty proud of my artwork :)
All ready to carve pumpkins!!
Blake checking out the pumpkin
Blake and the owl pumpkin
Eric carving pumpkin
Me hard at work
All of our artwork Eric's bear pumpkin

My boo pumpkin

My owl
My ghost

October 24, 2008

Homecoming 08'

Tonight we went to the Franklin Pierce Homecoming Game. Eric got to see alot of his old friends and Blake had a pretty good time. He was all bundled up and warm. We also got to meet Ashley and Jesse's new baby Brady Joseph, he's a pretty cute little guy. Seeing him and Blake together really brought me back to when my little guy was tiny. I can't even remember when he was 1 month old, such a bittersweet feeling....

Blake and Daddy watching the game

All bundled up

Such a handsome little guy

Brady and Blake

(my baby was that tiny at one point )

Already to go home!

October 17, 2008

Blake's 1st Haircut

Today I took Blake to Keila for his first haircut. He was born with a headful of hair and it has been growing like a week ever since. He just needed a little bit of a trim up and he did a pretty good job. Keila did such a good job and he looks so handsome
Blake and Keila before his haircut
He did not like the trimmer
Playing with a necklace to keep occupied
Blake and Keila after Blake got his haircut!

October 13, 2008

He is a TRUE boy :)

Blake decided it would be fun to pull EVERYONE of his toys onto the floor. It was pretty cute, he was looking for a blue butterfly that was somewhere at the bottom. He was pretty happy when he found his buried treasure!

The prize at the bottom of the toy box :) The blue butterfly

October 11, 2008

Pumpkin Patch 2008

Today we went to the Maris Farms Pumpkin Patch with the Savage Family. We had a really good time. Blake did pretty good until the end when he was getting tired and cold. There was a corn maze and an apple launcher. The little guys liked each other, I can't wait until next year when Blake can pick out his own pumpkin. This year he was content just trying to eat the grass and dirt. Also, Blake turned 8 months old today, man he is getting so big!
All ready for the pumpkin patch Not sure what to think

Daddy rockin the Bjorn
The goat bridge
Our little family
Daddy and Blake getting goat food

Keila feeding the goats Checkin out the piggies
Daddy's and their boys
Blake wanted to eat the corn maze map
Buddies Mommy and Blake
Justin shooting the Apple launcherEric shooting the Apple Launcher
Keys are much funner than pumpkins
Daddy and Blake My boys
He was not loving all the picture taking

Playin' in the dirt
Blake and London Blake and London checking out the pumpkins
Mommy and Blake
Pumpkin Boy

All of us
(Eric, Kami, Blake, London, Keila, & Justin)
The Savage Family
The Gunderson Family
Blake and London
Blake in the Wagon