September 30, 2009

Photoshoot at Ruston Way

Just a few pictures from Blakes photoshoot down on Ruston Way. He is such a cutie.

September 29, 2009

Spaghetti Fun

Everybody Love a Little Spaghetti!!!

September 27, 2009

The Seattle Aquarium

In the middle of August Eric's grandma and grandpa from South Dakota were able to come out for a short visit. Since they were staying close to Seattle we went up there and took a day trip to check out the Seattle Aquarium. Blake loved the fish and even touched a starfish.

Blake with his Great Grandpa Norman and Great Grandma Lois

He was very interested in the big wall of fishes
Touching a starfish
everyone checking out the tide pool

Mommy & Blake

Great Grandpa Norman, Grandma Tammy, Great Grandma Lois & Blake
Our Family :)

Funny Faces on the way home
The only reason I posted this picture is because Blake is so funny in the background..ignore the up close of me :)

September 26, 2009

The Zoo

With the summer coming to an end we decided to head out to the zoo. The weather was great and we all had a blast. Blake and I even rode on a camel! Ready to check out the animals

playing in the play area
Not a fan of the sand

Checking out the starfish
He loves to pose for the camera
Our bravery for the day...riding on the camel
Trying to feed the bad they were full and didn't want to eat anymore
NOOO I don't want to go home :)

Lost Lake with The Savages

This Spring Eric and I won a weekend away with some friends of ours at Lost Lake Resort. We stayed in a little cabin for a couple days and had lots of fun. Blake had a blast playing with his buddy London and it was a fun little getaway to relax.
Funny faces early in the morning

We all fit in the bad poor Justin had to ride all the way in the back!
The cabin Eric about to go play some minature golf
Fist bump
Boys & Their daddy's

Headbutt for Daddy
Kisses for Mommy
My two boys :)
Me & Keila
The buddy's swinging

Time to play some Cranium