August 24, 2009

Sturgis 2009

So just a couple of weeks ago my mom got back from her trip to Sturgis. The trip was fun filled and they had a lot to do. First my mom was finally reuniting with her brother after more than 20 years and at the end of the trip her and Henry and her brother and his girlfriend all got married...Sturgis style. I really wish I could have gone everyone had the time of their life. I told my mom I would add her pictures to my blog so everyone could share in their fun. Next time they go on a trip I am going.

Just getting started, 1st stop Idaho Matt on his 1st Harley Road Trip

Mom & Henry I will let you guess what is under the apron!!

Matt & Andy
Loading Henry's bike up to go get fixed.


Mom and the boys

On the open road
Matt, Mom & Henry.....Man I wish I could have gone with

Almost there

Finally reunited after over 20 years

Main Street Sturgis

Getting the marriage license, almost official

My mom had to find herself a coffee
The Badlands

I think Matt is still sleeping
Mount Rushmore

Tough Guy
Matty got a new Tattoo


Mom & Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood

I didn't want to add this one but it just shows ANYTHING goes in Sturgis. I can't believe that lady is pregnant and in a wet T-Shirt contest!!! Some people are out of control
Night Night Boys
Soooo pretty!!!
Matt & Mom
Henry & Mom with the oficiant

Getting married Sturgis style

Mom & Gary after the dual wedding

Mom & Henry

Gary & Denise

Toastin' with some Apple Cider

Not sure about this guy :)

Matt had to get some new boots :)

Heading Home (check out those boots)

Almost Home!!