October 9, 2010

Blakes 1st Day of Pre School

So my little boy is officially a pre-schooler. Oh my gosh where has the last 2 1/2 years gone. I am so glad that both Eric and myself were classroom parents on his first day so we could be there with him. He had a lot of fun but I noticed he kept checking to make sure that Mommy and Daddy were still there with him. He may seem like Mr. Independent but he likes having his Mommy and Daddy close by. He wouldn't even let me leave him there the 2nd day by himself, we will have to see what he wants next week.
Blake all ready for his 1st day
Blake and Daddy
Blake and Mommy
He loves playing with the Play-Doh
Painting his very first piece of artwork, I'm going to definitely get this framed :)
His art bag
Circle Time
He colored his own place mat for Snack Time
Holding hands with his friendsWaiting for snack time
Playing outside
I just LOVE this picture. Blake is such a Daddy's boy!
Our little family after the first day of pre-school!

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Karen said...

Dear, dear Kami, I just now figured out this blog.. I couldn't open it before, or didn't know what I was looking at.. how absolutely wonderful! the whole series of photos along with you blog, I just love it. I bet you thought how rude. I never even commented. This is my old laptop, that I didn't have with me in Fl. I m just now trying to clen it up as I'm going to a mac mini and eventually a ipad 2. so I just now found this blog.. yea!!!. Thank You, love you all loads. I check facebook all the time, is this connected to fb?