October 5, 2010

The Puyallup Fair 2010

This year Blak was at the perfect age to actually enjoy the fair. He loved the rides and the animals and we even shared an elephant ear. We went with our good friends Travis & Jaquelyn. Blake really loves them and we all had such a great time
Blake's is tall enough to ride some rides!
His first ride of the fair was the helicopter

Waving to all of his fans
Blake and Jaquelyn on the roller coaster
He was a little bit scared at first Lovin' on Daddy
He didn't like the roller coaster when he had to go all by himself
Jaq, Travis, and Eric on a big kid ride, Blake really wanted to go on this and cried because he wasn't allowed!

Enjoying a blue slushi The kid wasn't paying attention so he had to drive both steering wheels
On the scrambler with Daddy

& again with Travis
And I even made the whole fair this year! But boy was I sore the next day ;)

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